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We are the Kampff's (Nick & Lauren) and we have been on a wild ride for the past 5+ years trying to grow our family. we for sure thought we would have been that couple who had a honeymoon baby... but we have learned that God had different plans. we are still waiting to see His plan unfold, and have been trusting in prayer and our faith for guidance along the way.

We got married January 2015, and found out in November 2015 that it may be more difficult to get pregnant than we had hoped. what followed that was 5 years of fertility treatments, medications, surgeries, and to be honest a lot of heartbreak. what kept us going? honestly... hope. hope that we were closer, hope that things would soon change, and hope that it would all be worth it.

We had started talking about adoption very early into our fertility journey, but didn't know when it would come to the surface. it became more and more apparent that we both had hearts that were full of love to give to any child, regardless if they shared our genes... and what was most important to both of us was that we wanted to be parents. as our hearts became more heavy from loss, we relied on prayer. we prayed for clarity and guidance in next steps. our prayers were answered in a specialist appointment in which we were told that Lauren would not be able to carry a baby and that we needed to move on to other options to grow our family. we knew what that next step was, because we also had started praying for our baby years and years ago, including our babies that would come to us through adoption... we took time to grieve the losses of our two girls, and twin boys as well as the dream of being pregnant. we needed time, therapy, prayers, and families and friends to get us through those difficult times. but something beautiful happened during these times of healing... we became hopeful again. and here we are, so full of love to give, and so ready to meet the baby that God has planned for us. we hope that you can use this website to stay up to date with where we are at in our journey. we cannot wait for what's to come!

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